Zsofika – Soprano

I absolutely adore singing even back when I was in the school choir. I sing in the car, along to the radio at home and in the shower! My voice isn’t perfect but I do very much enjoy singing along to the hymns on a Sunday morning.

I believe singing brings positivity into my life, it uplifts me and I really enjoy it to the point where and I really wanted to embrace that more. It didn’t particularly cross my mind to join a choir as I didn’t think they existed in Leicester and I didn’t have the time to commit to the church choir. Fortunately my divorce brought more time in my life and considering my children are all grown up I wanted to dedicated more time to myself.  As part of my new year’s resolution in January 2016 (to meet new people and try something new) I googled choirs in Leicester and the “Fosse Singers” name came up as a non-auditioning choir – which I was absolutely ecstatic about!  I looked on their website, and found that a new term would be starting the following Wednesday, and that anyone was welcome!

I arrived early on that first Wednesday and sat in my car plucking up the courage to walk in (I was joining on my own).  I sat in the car for half an hour watching people walk in to the building filled with nerves and pure excitement.  Then I decided that I just needed to get out of the car and go in, I didn’t have to stay if I didn’t want to or felt uncomfortable on my own – I was assured. Well I needn’t have worried, everyone was amazing they made me feel so welcome and they were all extremely friendly – I completed my first full term there and enjoyed every second of it even taking part in my very first concert (obviously other than the school ones I was in!).  I was unbelievably nervous at first on the concert night however, it was absolutely fantastic. It’s really great after a hard day at work to go along to the choir have a chat and a good sing it really lifts my spirits.  I always feel fabulous after choir practice and enjoy taking part in the concerts because they are something to work towards and achieve.  The choir are a lovely bunch of people that are very warm, friendly and accepting. Completing the terms is a fantastic achievement and extremely enjoyable experience!