• Spring Term!

    Our spring term of singing begins on Wednesday 8th January 2020 ending with a concert on 28th March 2020. We always welcome new members so if you are thinking of joining us, do not hesitate come straight along to the Fosse Neighborhood Centre on Mantle Road at 6.45pm or get in contact with us via the ‘|Get in Touch’ section below.

  • Brussels Tour 2019

    In August 2019 we embarked on a tour of Brussels including concerts in the amazing Brussels Cathedral and St Michaels Church in Leuven! Here are some of the highlights of the ‘Fossies’ tour in the words of some of our members:

    Singing at the Cathedral will be up there as one of my proudest achievements…..sharing such total fun and laughter with the other choir members.

    the tour was an astounding success. Both concerts were amazing….The singing on the steps was equally as amazing.

    The tour was brilliant, highlighted by the singing in Brussels Cathedral and equally enjoyable St Michael in Leuven, both enhanced by Emma’s solos of course!

    I think a highlight for me was singing in the Cathedral and the lovely programme of music which was put together for us

    The standing ovations were great, we were genuinely appreciated!

    a resounding success full of excitement, friendship and camaraderie